Achievements of Crossroads School Council

Every year we organise a range of fund-raising events such as:

  • coffee morning
  • witch drive (it’s like a beetle drive but at Haloween)
  • bag packing
  • ceilidh
  • craft fair

Through these activities and the kind support of local families and businesses, we have raised thousands of pounds to supplement the learning experience at Crossroads.

Our recent achievements include:

  • Successfully campaigning for improvements to road safety outside the school
  • Providing two Kindle e-book readers that pupils are able to use both at school and at home
  • Providing specialist workshops and coaching in a range of subjects
  • Funding the Christmas party and pantomime trip
  • Planting trees in celebration of the Queen’s diamond jubilee
  • Organising fun activities to compliment local olympic games events
  • Funding a new camcorder and audio tape to mp3 converter
  • Providing the opportunity for Bikability Level 1 and Level 2 training to all pupils old enough to participate

The School Council is always open to new ideas for fund-raising and ways to support our pupils and teachers.  Please get in contact if you have ideas or would like to help us.